We need to fix our mentality – Kuami Eugene


Kuami Eugene in an interview on ‘Starr Drive’ with Foster Aggor as the host, also shared his thoughts on the nationwide campaign with the hastag #fixthecountry. According to Kuami Eugene, supporting and promoting products made in Ghana is a sign of patriotism.

He asked DJs, producers and other entertainers to first fix their mentality before asking for the country to be fixed.

“My concern is the entertainment industry, every stakeholder from the content creator to the DJs and presenters, we should prioritize our creative pieces just like we do to other nationals.”

“On our music charts which are supposed to be a Ghanaian Chart, we see more of Nigerian music mostly topping these charts and we need to fix our mentality towards our own people and what is produced here then after that is achieved, we can channel this energy to help fix our country.”

Do you agree with the Rock Star?

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