‘We want a thorough justification from government’ – Dr Apaak on termination of E-block contracts

The Minority in Parliament, following the termination of contracts for the construction of some 27 E-blocks, say the government has not been sincere to Ghanaians as far as the handling of the senior high school project is concerned.

According to the minority, they demand full disclosure on the termination to ensure government was justified in cancelling those contracts.

Speaking to JoyNews, the Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee said, “we want to know where the 27 E-blocks are located, their level of completion and we want a thorough justification from the government.  We don’t believe that this government has been sincere on this issue and many others.”

Dr Clement Apaak noted that giving the minority and the media a rundown on the contract’s cancellation will help crosscheck if the government was justified in its action.

He stated that “I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the reasons why. There is no reason why we should believe what they are telling us.”

His comment comes after the Education Ministry said it has ensured the termination of contracts for the construction of some 27 Community Day Senior High Schools known as E-blocks across the country.

The Ministry stated that some of the projects were at sub-structural levels adding that “you award it to the contractor, and you don’t provide funding and the contractor can come to the site once and does not appear on site months later.”

The government said others are however at various levels of completion and will be put to use once ready.

The Ministry on October 27, explained that “for 21 of them, we are very hopeful that they will be completed and operationalized soon. 16 of them are between 25% and 60% complete.”

However, Dr Apaak stated that the reason the development of these projects were slow-paced is because of the lack of payment of certificate.

“The NPP after taking over power failed to provide funding for the projects being funded by the Government of Ghana since they took over in power in 2016.”

He added that “that is why we are asking, make the resources available, to complete these e-blocks. If you are now telling Ghanaians that it is not that you have abandoned them, let us see action in every single one of the E blocks.”

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