When the system is working; – Attackers shoots at police men on escorting duties, they survived because of bulletproof van


While Ghana is mourning the untimely demise of young police officer Constable Emmanuel Osei who was shot dead by armed robbers yesterday at James town in Accra, a video of what it feels when the system is working has surfaced online.

In viral video two police officers were seen in a van with attackers shooting at them.

Inside camera of the car shows, the car was an armored vehicle hence the officers were protected from the gunshot.

This has ignited the quest of making sure our systems in Ghana works. For years now Ghanaian banks have been transporting monies in modified pickups with bucket at the back.

It gives absolute no protection for those risking their lives to transport those cash.

Our security system and successive governments have failed to realize, the level crimes in 2000 cannot be same in 2021. This is one of the many reasons civilians are calling for the system to work.

The system working will mean that officers like late Emmanuel Osei who was shot in the dead wouldn’t have to die in such a gruesome manner because the vans they will be transporting monies for banks with will be armored vehicle which will give them protection.

The Ghana police service has said should banks fail to provide armored vehicles, they will withdraw their service of escorting their bulk cash.

This has been the concern of those pushing for fix the country, it’s about making sure those who are assigned to protect civilians are equally protected because at every point in attack they become the first target.

Watch video of how the armored vehicle was shot at multiple times but they officers on duty were safe.


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