Who is Yvonne Chaka Chaka ?


Personally I have to say I love how Wikipedia titled her as an internationally recognized South African musician.

That shows you the weight of who she is at least for the Millenials that did not know who she is.

Chaka Chaka real name is Yvonne Machaka but her music career has seen the name Vyonne Chaka take the front stage.

And that’s not strange for me considering the fact that the. world will always address you by the name that’s most popular.

Chaka is an Entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and heck a teacher.

I grew up falling in love with her songs like Thank You Mr Dj.

Mehnn, there is still good music in the world but heck Thank You, Mr DJ, could get even my old grandpa dancing nonstop then.

How Did Her Career Start?

She is popularly known as the Princess of Africa and her career started at the tender age of 19.

I mean who would have thought that a time when Apartheid was at its all-time high. a voice that touches the soul with her melodies will spring upright?

Well chalk it to fortune but if there is anything I most confident about it will be that. there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even in the worst of times.

Yvonne was discovered by Phil Hollis but then Chaka Chaka was just a Gospel musician then.

Although her first album titled I am in love with a DJ shot her to stardom, it was only the beginning of a great 30 years career to come.

Today she is the number richest South African musician in 2020 on SMCE list of top 50 richest artists in South.

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