“Who told you he is a fake Prophet”; TB Joshua’s Pastor defend him, revealed secrets people don’t know.


Prophet Defends TB Joshua against attacks from colleague pastors

Until the the insults and derogatory comments uttered about the man of God TB Joshua is ceased, there will surely be those who are loyal to him to defend him even after his demise.

For how long will they continue with these acts of villification? Why can’t they simply allow the man to rest peacefully in the bosom of his maker.? Who determines a false prophet and a true one.?


Another pastor of TB Joshua has also come out to defend his Pastor after his demise. He first of all stated that, there is a lot of wicked Pastors and overseers in the nation. All he can see and hear is a lot of people talking bad with some calling him a lot of names after his demise.

The Prophet continued by asking “who is Okoten, what impart has Okoten created in the lives of people? TB Joshua is a horseman to the widow. A father to the fatherless. I hearby declare that all churches that don’t recognize TB Joshua, they are evil.

I was waiting to give him a present at his birthday. TB Joshua carried rice on his head and walked for 40 minute’s to give to the cripple for them to have something to eat.”

“He gave everything he had to the poor. Pastor’s and prophets in Nigeria who don’t recognize him, you are wicked. Who told you TB Joshua is an antichrist and a false prophet.”

“What a Wicked world we are living in. How many of you can do what he did. All you do in church to organize programs and receive offering from worshippers. Most of you have the same mind of calling him a fake prophet.”

You can watch the video below

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