Why do women cheat? Joy FM listeners share their views

Cheating has been identified as a major cause of the break up of marriages. Men are often noted as cheats in marriages but under what conditions will a woman cheat?

Ardent listeners of Joy FM who phoned into the Super Morning Show on Friday, October 29, 2021, took their turns to express their views on the matter.

A Bishop who called into the show from Asante Mampong opined that women cheat due to the (bad) attitude of their partners.

According to him, when women do not get the necessary respect, affection, love and care they deserve, they tend to look for it elsewhere.

“Men should be on the lookout. Some of these things happen because of the attitude of men in marriage. The man comes home and he is only to direct the woman; do this for me, do that for me without having conversations or communicating with her.

Also, “if you’re a man and you’re fond of treating your wife as if she’s your slave, at the end of the day, she’ll end up cheating on you.”

He noted that a woman would cheat if she comes into contact with a man who exhibits the qualities her husband does show towards her.

“You realise that if the woman goes out and finds a colleague at work or finds that communication, assistance, care from somebody out there before you know, she has fallen for that fellow,” he added.

He, thus, entreated married men to be mindful of how they treat their wives since their attitudes may drive their wives to other men.

Another caller who identified himself as William held the view that women hardly cheat unless they are fed up with a situation in the marriage.

“Usually, it is difficult for women to cheat but when they cheat most of the time it is because they are fed up.”

That notwithstanding he urged men to forgive their wives who may have cheated only if they show remorse for their actions.

Abduliah from Ejisu on the other hand blamed women. He stated that some women contribute to why their men cheat, with the habit of shoving off their husbands and not having time for them.

“Some women do not have time to chat with their partners. The men come from work and they don’t even have time for them, busily doing their own things,” he said.

Regardless, Kwame who also phoned in from Accra, condemned the act, insisting that there is no justification for cheating in a marriage.

He thus urged couples to be faithful to each other, according to the tenants of marriage.

“Cheating is not good for both partners. Marriage is an honorable thing and every honorable thing is dear to God. If such a thing happens, there’s a place for forgiveness. Forgive your partner. The next thing is that the mistake will be corrected. But I’ll advise especially, men who are noted to cheat a lot, to stop. It’s a very bad habit,” he added.

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