Why Footballers hold the hands of kids before stepping on the field (The three untold truth)


Football is not my favorite sport. However, whenever I watch, I notice that footballers enter the pitch holding the hands of children.

Why is this the case, I keep wondering? Why don’t they utilize adults instead of children?

I decided to look into it a little more. I looked over a few articles on Wikipedia and Quora.

Why Footballers hold the hands of kids before stepping on the field

Here’s what I discovered:

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To begin with, the youngsters who hold the hands of players are known as player escorts (sometimes known as match mascots or child mascots) (plural is mascot children).

A child who accompanies a football player onto the field is known as a player escort. Player escorts enter into the stadium holding hands with the footballer and remain with him for the national anthem.

The children are usually between the ages of six and eighteen.

They generally have roles such as carrying flags, assisting the sideline ball crew, and playing matches with one another in addition to assisting players.

There are a variety of reasons why players bring their children into the game:

Promoting children’s rights campaigns.

It all began as a routine occasion, with FIFA and UNICEF teaming up to promote a campaign aimed at improving children’s living conditions.

Bringing the element of innocence to the game.

This is done to remind players that children look up to them and that they must play fairly.

Fulfilling children’s dreams.

You’re probably aware that some kids want to walk alongside their favorite football players. As a result, making them walk out with them is tantamount to satisfying their deepest dreams. As a result, they acquire a liking for the sport of soccer.

It may or may not be free to be a child mascot. Some FA Premier League clubs charge between £350 and £600 depending on the fixture, while others provide some free tickets through tournaments and charity, and yet others do not charge at all.

Source: Cbgist.com

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