Why K!Ssing Is Important In Marriage –Yomi Fabiyi Reveals


Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi has shared his opinion about k*ssing one’s partner.

Yomi Fabiyi in his latest post on Instagram disclosed that love does not exist in a relationship when couples are not locking their lips with one another.

The Nollywood thespian also pointed out that when having intercourse, if ki-ssing is missing in all the processes, it means such intercourse isn’t done out of love but for other selfish benefits.

Yomi Fabiyi, who is also a movie producer, stated that when kissing is no more involved in a marriage, such union might head for a collapse, hence there is a need for the couple to sit and discuss the future of the conjugal.

Read his post below;

“If before, during and after se-x, there is no kiss, it is almost likely there is no love, somebody is being used as a sex toy, money sex or hustle.”

“If in marriage, this is absent, time to seat and re-talk, strangers already. With or without love, if kissing is involved, there is still hope. Stay woke,” he wrote.

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