Woman sets a child accused being a witch ablaze in Nigeria, Ahmed Isah slaps her- Video


A very sad news of a Nigerian woman pouring kerosene on a child and setting the poor child ablaze on the grounds that, the child is a witch.

The child whose name is Rechel is only six years old and this wickedness was done to this innocent child by her own aunt( father’s sister).


According to the information, Richel had confessed that, she (Richel) is a witch, hence the act of burning. The girl’s hands and legs were all tired before this atrocity was taking place.

Watch a short documentary on the event:


Ahmed Isah who’s the host of “Berekete Family” show on Human Rights Radio in Abuja. Isah is also called Ordinary President’s. His show also streams on various social media platforms.

Ahmed’ programme gives ordinary Nigerians the opportunity to tell their stories on injustice they have gone through.

Isah in the documentary slapped the young lady who burned the child when she refused to state who told her the child is a witch.

Many Nigerians on twitter have commended the actions of the Ordinary President and so many have condemned it as well, saying he doesn’t have the right to take the law into his own hands.

Watch where he slapped the lady:


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