“Women Own the World, They Get Away with Everything “— Actor Ugezu Says


Nigerian Actor, Ugezu Ugezu, has taken to his social media page to opine that Women rule the world because they get away with everything.

His post reads;

“Some beautiful women freely call themselves goddess and goddesses. We agreed, accepted, and call them what they want to be called, and life goes on.

The only man who managed to say him be god is still receiving knocks from everywhere. We must humbly agree that women own this world because they get away with everything”.

In other news Nigerian artiste Davido’s hypeman, Special Spesh has taken to his social media page to share his opinion on identity change.

Spesh said it is “wild AF” that people can choose what they want to be identified as.

 “God already made that decision,” he added.

Spesh was probably reacting to the news of Young Nigerian man who shared his mother’s reaction after he used a photo of him dressed like a girl as his WhatsApp profile picture.

In the photo, the young man was dressed in a high school girl uniform, a blonde wig and fully made-up face. However, it is unclear if he is a cross dresser or the outfit was his Halloween costume.

Reacting to this, his mom expressed her disapproval with the outfit and pleaded with him to stop the ‘nonsense’.

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