Restaurant where customers sleep in coffins to get a reward


Innovation is simply doing the unthinkable and implementing something which is extraordinary either to attract customers or to give your enterprise the attention it deserves.

Many feel worried about modern inventions to entice customers to their enterprises, some techniques may seem strange or bizarre, however there is still a statement invisible beneath the creativeness. Many of the suggestions are made to send a message to tourists, not to sustain buyers.

“The Kid May Death Cafe”, is the name which means “Think New”. It is not obligatory, but it is permitted to do it if the buyer wishes free beverages for a while after lying in the coffin.
The purpose of this innovation by this Bangkok owner is to enable customers think about death and reflect reflect on this journey of life and realize how life is short, hence you have to live well.

The owner Veeranut Rojanaprapa, is very much in touch with his customers wellbeing and how useful they live their life. The casket is just a quick reminder to them and after sleeping in it for a while, gives you a whole different view of how death is.

A customer who experience the coffin relaxation explained it was as if she was at her funeral. The important fact is that people are really aware of death. There is also an indication that you will end up with nothing.

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