‘You can cough out $1000 to buy a new iPhone 13, but you won’t cough up $20 a month for life insurance’ – Reno Omokri


Nigerian lawyer and Motivational speaker, Reno Omokri was educating his followers on Twitter about understanding money and how to create wealth.

Reno seems to have issues with people who are willing to spend huge amounts on the new iPhone 13 but can’t save part of their earnings as life insurance.

You can cough out $1000 to buy a new iPhone 13, but you won’t cough up $20 a month for life insurance, or $500 as seed money to start a small scale business, or $350 to learn a new income generating skill. Then you run to church to fast and pray to God for wealth!

He continued:

The only thing you know how to do with money is spend. You can’t delay gratification. You also don’t believe others can do it. You prefer to believe that a man who became a millionaire because he invested his money instead of spending it must have done blood money!

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