“You can have everything and not be happy without a man” – 40-year-old single lady who has everything cries out for love


Love is a beautiful thing no doubt, but it is also one of the most difficult things to find in our current society.

This somehow is because people have been betrayed in their past relationships and now facing difficulties in trusting a patner again.


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But then there are also many out there who are still interested in building a healthy relationship with a partner.

A beautiful woman who is 40 years of age is one of those who is currently in search of a good and caring man to be with.

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In a video she shared announcing her search for a man, the lady who is looking very good, seems to have everything she needs except a man in her life.

In a post, the lady identified as Grace, stated emphatically that she just want to have a man who will be a real to her.

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