Young man celebrates girlfriend who often visited him at the hospital while he was in coma

A South African man identified as Solo Nqweni recently woke up from coma induced by a series of illnesses that left him hospitaized.

He took to social media to reveal that his girlfriend was supportive throughout the time he was at the hospital for months.

The young man had reportedly suffered from Tuberculosis, Renal and liver failure, thankfully he is on his way to full recovery.

She visited his ward often times and sat by his side for hours while the doctors carried out their medical examination.

Solo shared a photo of his girl by his side which was taken by a family member and he posted another of him after recovering from the coma, and now using crutches.

The story of love and support given by his girlfriend served as an inspiration to many.

@maclee___ said; Bless the ladies who stand with their men in their time of need.

@__Ayyub; Man Love is Beautiful. don’t let people tell you Otherwise

@NafNaf_flc; This Is Heartwarming Mate! Wishing Both Of You Love & Strength Throughout This Journey Called Life!

@kaitlynantwi_; I don’t see a ring on her finger sir???? She deserves it. A Queen I Stan

@Pac_Pacino;If you don’t wife her then I don’t know. God gave you a gift of life and a partner. You are blessed

@mumeasy; So lovely to see this update, Solo and to see you’re home with loved ones and doing so well. Keep it going and check in here again soon.

@uMaZwane; I went through your media and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a minute ❤. All the best to your recovery

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