Young man from Egypt removes all his teeth, present them to his girl in order to express his love for her


One of the most effective ways for an Egyptian guy who has not yet been recognized to demonstrate his undying love for his cherished lover was to extract all of his teeth and use them to weave a necklace for her as a symbol of his unwavering devotion to her.

We have heard of people getting the names of their loved ones tattooed on their bodies, and we have also heard of people doing all sorts of insane things just to prove their love for their partners, but we have never heard of anyone having his or her teeth pulled for their partner just to prove their affections, until now, of course.

It’s true that love may drive someone nuts in some ways. While your first love makes you the dumbest, if you’ve dated more than twice or three times, you’ll start to become more rational and rationale in your relationships. Your expectations have evolved, and you are now more realistic than idealistic in your approach to problems.

We can see that this is this man’s first experience with true love, and as a result, he went to the length of weaving a necklace for his beloved out of his extracted teeth, simply to communicate his feelings for her.

See below:

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