Your Head Alone is 40 years- Followers Grill Kwadwo Sheldon for saying he is 27 years


Blogger and Content creator Kwadwo Sheldon is being trolled under his post he shared on Twitter on how he will be 30 years 3 years from now.

What it means is that, Sheldon is 27 years now.

However, followers are taking none of that as they believe he is far more than 27 years now as he want to create the impression as he is.

Kwadwo Sheldon among the popular faces when it comes to reporting on Showbiz issues in Ghana.

He dedicate his timelines to breaking down lyrics in songs and also fiercely critiquing other artistes.

Before starting his own Kwadwo Sheldon social media pages on social media, he gained prominence as the lead blogger at Omg Voice.

The above post from Sheldon has attracted some

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