‘Your wife is not just your spouse’- Religious preacher, Reno advised on why your wife should also be your business partner


Popular Religious Preacher, Reno Omokri has thrown another piece of advice to the public again concerning the role marriage can play in one’s business.

Reno has been giving several relationship tips aside his Political activism and today’s own is no exception as he details the importance of a man getting into business with his wife.

Marriage is one thing that is a bit tricky when taken a critical look into. Most men do not really like to share everything of theirs with their partners especially when it comes to businesses.

The secret behind their decision is mostly based in the fact they do not really like their wife’s to known their income level as we all know how some women can behave when it comes to financial aspects.

But according to Reno who is linking The entire issue if marriage to Business, a man’s wife is not just a spouse but also businesses partner.

Explaining his statement further, if a man should go into a business with someone who doesn’t share the same value with him there is a possible fight over supremacy at a point in time.

“Your wife is mot just your spouse. She is also your business partner. If you go into business with someone who does not share your values, there will be a power struggle at some point, and it may capsize your ship. You can’t make a good marriage with a bad person” he stated

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