Youth give thief food and drink for strength, make him clean community drainage


-The thief was said to have stolen some items from an African Country.

-The youth and community leaders arrested him, gave him food and drinks and asked him to clear a choked drainage.

A viral image of some youth in an African Country holding a thief to communal service has gone viral.

Reports suggest instead of lynching him or subjecting him to any form of physical abuse, the thief was given food and drinks and asked to clean a choked drainage.

This incident came to many on social media as huge shock as it negates the ugly trend of jungle justice people mete to suspected criminals when they are caught.

Some took to twitter to give an account of what transpired.

Judging from how people have less trust in the judicial system in Africa, this perhaps could be better than people taking the laws into their hands and unleashing terror on suspected thieves and in worse situations killing them.

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