Zodwa Is Now An Undertaker.


South African socialite and dancer, Zodwa Wa Bantu has just ventured into the burial industry. She revealed that she is resisting living a lavish lifestyle but rather invest in some years to come.

“When I think of Living a Lavish Lifestyle, I Think of Businesses to Build all are in my Name. Registering, Building, Making Mistakes, Fail, Try Again. I won’t Stop. I won’t Act 20 years with my Money in the Industry but see me in Years to Come Zodwa Wabantu Ngizokungcwaba Mina” She wrote on Instagram.

Zodwa keeps confusing her enemies. Just the other day, she informed the masses that she is checking herself on rehab.

I Turn Myself in for alcohol & drugs,” She shared on social media.

In addition to her businesses, Zodwa launched a business in eggs this year named, ‘Zodwa Wa Bantu Eggs.’

What makes her services unique is that, she delivers the eggs personally to the doorsteps of her supporters.

Zodwa has received a lot of praise for her entrepreneurial skills as she is employing people in her field to help minimise unemployment rate.

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