Zodwa Spotted With Emtee.


One of the most loved celebrity and the favourite South Africa’s socialite, Zodwa Wa bantu was spotted out with South African rapper Emtee.

Zodwa shared a video without sound, where she was seen kissing the musician’s hand before he left.

This has caused many fans to believe that there could be some suspicious relationship between the two, even though none of them has confirmed anything yet.

According to Zodwa, she prefers younger men more than old men. She said this in a chat with Mac G in 2020.

“I love the attention. The energy that they have to follow me around. Help me with my travelling and driving. I love having attention from my man. They have energy and they listen to what you have to say.

“My type is the one who takes his time. I can’t flirt. If I want something I go for it. The one who takes his time is shy and wants to know me because I’m not all over the place. I may look like I like things but I want someone to want me. Then you got my attention.

“I wouldn’t say they use me because I love them. I allow them to wear sneakers from Dubai. The T-shirts and the jeans from wherever I travel to. I’m the one who gives them money. The problem that ends our relationship is they think they are now Chris Brown. Remember you are dating because the role that you have to play is on me. The focus should be me. I just need love. The rest I can do for myself.

“I think I’m loved in any relationship that I choose. Because the feeling is about myself. I love being loved you know. It’s not about lusting. They love me because we’ve spent years. Remember you stay with me, you wake up with me.” She said.

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