52-year-old Man gives details of how he fell in love with his 98-year-old boyfriend – admitting they made love a couple of times the first day they met


A 52-year-old man, identified as Musician Evan is reportedly in dating with a 98-year-old veteran named Bill. In a report by Daily Mail, “the two met through a senior citizen dating website called Silver Daddies.”

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They revealed the feeling to be with each other was mutual when they first met. They are currently living together in California, and according Evan, “they have a very good sex life, doing the act at least once ‘daily’ to completion.”

Evan and Bill reportedly had an interview with YouTube star, Matt Cullen for his Our Queer Life series. The couple openly talked about strong romantic bond and Evan revealed he is attracted to Silver Daddies between 60 and 90 years for decades now.

Speaking about their first meeting, 98-year-old Bill said, “When I saw him walk towards me, I was just overwhelmed with his male beauty. I just couldn’t get over it. When we went up to my apartment, he leaned over and kissed me, and I was just in seventh heaven. I just felt, this is the man that I’ve always wanted. And I still feel that way. I just adore him.”

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Evan also opened up on their first meeting and said, “I must say, the word that came to my head… He kind of waddled out of his building in his little man walk, came out the door. And I’m pulling in the carriage, and I said, ‘Oh my god he’s gorgeous.’ I felt he was gorgeous.”

They revealed they had sex four times that very day they met and they both claim it was magical and revealed they currently have sex at least once a day.

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