“A woman is seeking to bring your brother down and you’re making fun of it because of religion”, Man says


Weeks ago, Thomas Partey, Ghanaian and Arsenal player was in the headlines over an alleged [email protected] case.

Last night, the purported lady called Sarah Bella was on Twitter tarnishing the player’s name with an alleged intentions of publicly humiliating the Ghanaian player.

Woman posted all of the case’s evidence online meanwhile the case was dismissed by the court with the Arsenal player paying all costs, Thomas Partey found himself in hot water on Twitter last night.

The plaintiff supplied images and videos in which the player is plainly visible, but these materials were insufficient to substantiate her claims that the player was clearly guilty of her accusations.

Commenting on the issue, many people think this woman was on an agenda to chase clouts by trying her best to bring Thomas down.

Few were only making fun out of the issue simply because he had decided to change his religious beliefs from Christianity to Islam.

This behaviour of religious indiscipline has gotten to the nerves of some people and they have registered their disgusts towards the said individuals.

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