“Akufo-Addo use all the water to bath in the sky that Fire service can’t even get some to fight Makola Fire” – Guy controversially claim


President Akufo-Addo’s name has seized to rest in the Ghanaian Social media domain and another rib cracking joke has popped up again with his name.

Early today a sad incident took place at Makola, a large trading place Located in Accra when fire from no where gutted some parts of the market.

According to multiple reports the Ghana Fire service were quick to arrive at the scene when they received an alert about the tragic situation, however they failed to immediately intervene the blazing fire at early stage simply because their tenders were not filled with water.

This is just too funny to be true but well, that’s what eyewitnesses are claiming they were told leading to the getting to an uncontrollable level before they finally started fighting it.

If you are wondering why the President’s name popped up in a situation like this, don’t worry we will tell you.

The President headline all news papers for the wrong reasons when it was made clear to citizens that he abandoned the state presidentially jet for a more luxurious borrowed one because he can’t bath in it.

This shocking revelation has since generated trolls for him and linking it to the Fire service water brouhaha, one Facebook user jokingly claim the service are not to be blamed because they were definitely going to short water in their tenders since the President has used the water Suply money to purchase the one he will shower in the sky.

“They were not surprised when our president Nana Addo used ghc 2.8 million to bath in the sky? There’s no money to buy water into the fire tenders…..Nana Addo used all the money to bath in the sky ???he wrote

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