Being A Journalist Gives You No Right To Call Someone Confused;Da’ Hammer Descends On Arnold Asamoah


Da’Hammer of the last two has blasted Arnold Asamoah Baidoo for disrespecting Shatta Wale

Da’ Hammer of the last two has expressed his sentiment over the misunderstanding that ensued on UTV between Shatta Wale and Arnold Asamoah Baidoo.

The two nearly fought during the live telecast of the entertainment program. Many started talking about these two words that Arnold Asamoah used for Shatta Wale and some people didn’t think to agree with Shatta.

How can you boldly describe someone who has fought for his brand and been one of our legend a “Confuse and Inconsistent”? This didn’t sound well to Shatta who felt it’s an insult against his personality but demanded that it’s time journalists and bloggers start to respect musicians.

Opinions are like noses reasons why we agree to disagree with each other. Arnold on the other hand had his reasons as to why he said shatta is confuse. Anyone who has double standard on a single issue is confused no matter how you polish it.

Da’ Hammer has written lengthy and is making a good point about Arnold being a harsh critic. That’s not proper since he could have articulated his view in a far more respectful manner. Perhaps, Shatta also would have respected him on the show.

But, personally many believe Shatta was too emotional in managing his anger, especially judging from the comments he made about Arnold’s financial state. That was unnecessary and unfortunate.

We all have the right to our opinions but we don’t have to attach any hard feelings as Arnold did. Below is the Da’ hammer’s facebook post.

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