Biography of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, battalion and special forces commander who seized power


The brave soldier Col Mamady Doumbouya has given a name to himself as the military ruler  of Guinea after toppling octogenarian “Power drunk” president who previously entrusted His personal security to and to assist him maintain his grip on power in the turbulent West African nation.

Declaring the rebellion on 5 September 2021, the 41-year-old former French legionnaire explained the army had minor alternative but to snatch power because of the widespread corruption, gross human rights violations and financial mismanagement under the  83-year-old President Alpha Condé led administration.

The strong man Col Doumbouya’s usurpation implies that he is presently the second-youngest commander of an African country. He is Wedded to a French national and  they have 3 children together, Col Doumbouya hails from the Malinké population, like the ousted president, and hails from Guinea’s eastern Kankan region.

Before the coup, he wasn’t known much, it was only during an event only once three years ago, during the celebration of the 60 years independence anniversary of the former French colony. At the parade, He was the conspicuous man because of his form, height, and dark shades. He supervised the parade, complimenting heads of state and the people.

According to reports, Col Doumbouya is a brilliant commander, while others doubt his credentials. Despite being threatened with sanctions and placed under embargo, he still hasn’t given up and even told the nation “we will learn from all the mistakes we have committed and all Guineans”.

The Junta leader Col Doumbouya also mentioned the late Jerry Rawlings, another brave soldier who took hold of power in Ghana in 1979 and re-echoed his words explaining “If the people are crushed by their elites, it is up to the army to give the people their freedom.”

His tenacity propelled the industrious Col Doumbouya who has been soldier for 15 years performed duties in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic and close security in Israel, Cyprus, the UK and Guinea.

It is believed he successfully passed out of  the operational protection specialist training at the International Security Academy in Israel, including an additional elite military training in Senegal, Gabon, and France.

Fulfilling his duty in the French special forces foreign legion for several years, Col Doumbouya was entreated by Mr Condé to come back to Guinea, his motherland to oversee the newly founded elite Special Forces Group (GFS) in 2018.

The elite commando was then stationed in Forecariah, western Guinea, where he served under the bureau of territorial surveillance (DST) and the general intelligence services until he mustered courage to stage the coup.

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