Bodies of makeup artist and cameraman who drowned with Junior Pope have been found


New reports coming in is that the bodies of two crew members, the makeup artist and cameraman who drowned together with Junior Pope have been retrieved.

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These crew members were on the boat with Junior Pope when the boat capsized. Unfortunately, their bodies could not be found when the incident happened but luckily the bodes have been found now.

Sadly, the third crew member, the sound guy, who also drowned’s body has still not been found as announced by filmmaker, Stanley. A search team is currently looking for his body.

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Junior Pope and some crew members who were on board on a boat heading back from a movie location crashed into an oncoming canoe and capsized.

Actor who survived boat accident that claimed Jnr Pope’s life speaks

Junior Pope’s body was found just around the time he drowned but he died at the hospital. Three other crew members also drowned, that is, the makeup artist, cameraman and the sound guy.

It has been reported that the bodies of the makeup artist and cameraman have been found except the sound guy.

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