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Watch Video of Bride’s wedding gown causes stir online


An African bride is going viral for the style of her wedding gown during her wedding. The bride was with her groom and they stood next to the wedding cake to cut it.

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The viral video shows the bride dressed in a white gown while they were cutting their wedding cake. You could see her looking very beautiful in her gown.

The front part of the gown was covered a bit as compared to her back, but that didn’t stop her from looking extraordinary and turning heads on her big day.

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Background song credit: Tarrus Riley – Lighter Ft. Shenseea & Rvssian

Netizens took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the bride’s wedding dress. Check the comments out below.

Someone commented: “If care is not taken, in next few years women will be walking b@re” “n@k£d” on the street , I wonder why it has to be women that always display these type of dress code. Women your body suppose to be worshipped not the other way around. Na wa”

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Another netizen wrote: “Why do I feel she’s a rich independent feminist and the guy is just there to chop and run”

Another person also wrote: “The bride, the groom and even the guests….all of them are m@**d! E koshi jor!”

Someone also commented: “Is the husband okay? Cos how will he marry an ARO patient, good shape self the thing no get, she just full cloth”