Bridget Otoo to be One of the Major Distributors of Dzata Cement


Bridget Otoo Who once worked with Tv3 as a broadcaster has shared a picture of a truck loaded with Dzata Cement which was about to be offloaded.

In the last 48hours, social media was thrown into some frenzy after it was announced the Ibrahim Mahama’s Dzata Cement was due for sales on the Ghanaian market.

Stories around the product remains contradictory as some even suggested the price will be 30 cedis which has been refuted by some people saying the company will update the public in due course.

Interestingly, Bridget Otoo Who herself deals in the sale of cement added her voice to the story around Dzata Cement saying what management and producers of Dzata Cement are doing currently is to test the Ghanaian market with limited sales outlet.

After which they will do national distribution, this picture of herself taking delivery of a full loaded with Dzata Cement confirms she will be an integral distributor of the product.

So far tones of people have said, there will be the need for Ghanaians to support the product because it’s the only fully owned Ghanaian Cement company currently in the country.

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