Brief Biography of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the investigative journalist


Most of the time, journalists react to what is happening or what has been publicly announced. Reporters seldom decide on their own what or who they cover. They often do not initiate story ideas. Unfolding events and the daily schedule of news briefings and press conferences determine what the makes it to the newspaper, the newscast or the Web. 

For the most part, journalists do not set the news agenda. Instead, they take the information they have been given by weighing its significance checking its accuracy, and putting it in context. The news reporter’s job is to confirm the facts of the story, make sense of them and to put them together in a coherent report. 

Investigative reporting, however, does not just report the information that has been given out by others whether it is government, political parties, companies or advocacy groups. It is reporting that relies on the journalist’s own enterprise and initiative. Investigative reporting means journalists go beyond what they have seen and what has been said to unearth more facts and to provide something new and previously unknown. 

Most of the time, investigative reporters uncover wrongdoing by individuals and institutions. The good that public officials or private companies do is often publicized; a whole army of public relations people makes sure this is so. It’s the wrong that powerful groups and individuals do that is kept away from the public.

This is why investigative reporting often involves digging up what is secret or hidden. In some parts of the world, the term investigative reporting is sometimes associated with leaks. Public officials, police and intelligence agents or politicians selectively leak or release secret information or investigative files in order to promote their own interests. 

Journalists report on the leaked information, often without checking or looking for additional facts on their own and one of such renowned Journalist is Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas was born in the late 1970s in the northern part of Ghana, he grew up in a Military barracks in Accra. He had his basic education at one of the schools at Burma camp in Accra before moving to the christian methodist school.

He continued to the ghana Institute of Journalism and then the University of ghana legon. After University he turned down an opportunity to work as a reporter for the ghanaian Times newspaper, Instead choosing to join the Crusading Guide newspaper in 1998.The Editor of the newspaper Kweku Baako jnr had just been released from jail in the same year.

Anas is a married Man he is to a spicy girl of alarming beauty, they had their secret wedding at a Town in the Northern region. Anas did not attend the ceremony in person but he sent his relatives to go through the necessary marriage rituals.

His wife is related to Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako jnr, the lady is a daughter of a Military personnel. In May 2010, it is believed Anas travel to Brazil for a plastic surgery to change the shape of his face, Nose and Jaw bones. He is the CEO of Tiger eye private Investigations and also the Director of the Tiger eye social foundation. Anas has won several International Awards to his credit.

In 2013 he was awarded the Africa achievers Award in Kenya. In 2014 he was awarded the “Engaged Journalism Award” by the May foundation. He also won an award from US state Department Award on Trafficking ln persons(TIP), Washington International.

Perhaps what put an icing on his cake was the verbal recognition, praise and commendation he received from US president Barrack Obama.

ANAS AREMEYAW ANAS Can speak french, German, Spanish,English,Twi and Hausa.

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