Captain Planet flaunt new Rolls Royce, tell fans it’s not for him just to avoid momo giveaway requests


Captain Planet of 4X4 may have just add a new ride to his already choked garage as he flaunt newly purchased Rolls Royce.

The musician is one of the few rich ones in the music industry that has not been making too much noise about their wealth.

He share a photo of himself sitting in a black colored and red interior Rolls Royce and as good looking as it is his caption is what rather got his followers cracking up.

According to him the Car does not belongs to him and he only only got some chance to take a picture with it hence nobody should make it a topic for attention to come on him with money requests.

“This Rolls Royce Is Not For Me Oo I Repeat . This Be Just Behind The Scene oo Make Nobody Come Dey Para Para For Me Before My Village People Go Start Dey Call Call Me For Money” he wrote

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