Chelsea’s Callum Hodson Odoi Took to the Dance Floor to display His “Kpanlogo” Dancing Skills


-Callum Hodson Odoi Plays for English Top flight Chelsea

-He is Technically a British but his root is from Ghana, Greater Accra to be precise.

-Callum was welcomed to Ghana by a group of Kpanlogo dancers and he just couldn’t resist the moves

Chelsea Star Callum Hodson Odoi is having a good stay in Ghana.

From a vide shared by the Champions League winner on his Instagram page, Callum was welcomed by set of local dancers and drummers when he dropped from the airport.

Callum Hodson Odoi is technically a British as he has decided to play for the English National Team ahead of The Black stars but the winger has close ties with Ghana as his parents are believed to be Ghanaians.

After a busy season and a great display by his team Chelsea Football Club against Manchester City in the champions league final, Callum Hodson Odoi is back home to have some time with his friends in Ghana and relatives.

He joined the dancers that welcome him to dance and the reaction from his followers when he shared the video was nostalgic.

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