Colonel Doumbouya lowers fuel prices across Guinea


ECOWAS countries are historically and traditionally coup prone. It’s just a matter of time that coup strikes in any of these unstable countries. All it takes is a disgruntled soldier supported by internal and external forces. That’s it!

When Alpha Conde the 83-year-old President won elections, he attempted for years to restore democratic governance but after gaining power, he undermined it.

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The ousting of President Alpha Conde in Guinea topped a sharp fall from prominence for the veteran opposition leader and human rights advocater who critics assert declined to live up to vows to deliver democratic improvement and ethnic unity.

We need to ask ourselves these questions:
Why are the people happy? How did it all planned out?And what went wrong on the side of the government? Possible answers are;
Abuse of power
Lack of social amenities
mismanagement of the economy

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Well the truth is it can happen here in any part or the rest of the West African countries if care is not taken, this is because African leaders are behaving like gods for the people,  full of arrogance  and power drunk, all the above mentioned are the practices of every Government in Africa,  angered masses shall rise, then concerned  forces shall lead if nothing is done to turn things around,  we need democracy but when you refuse to listen to advice, what do u expect?

Man of the moment, Dombouya has acted in the right manner to reduce the sufferings of Guineans. This is another act that will relieve the burden of Guinean.

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A press release from the National Committee for the Rally for Development (CNRD) announced on Monday, September 27, 2021 the drop in the price of fuel at the pump.

“Breaking news. The Junter  has reduce the fuel price from 11,000fg to 10,000 fg in Guinean currency.”

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