Colonel Mamady Doumbouya humbly bows and receives his mother’s blessings after his oath before the Supreme Court and the people of Guinea.


According to the Bible “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” You attract what you honour and respect,  mothers are precious,  they are special gift from God. Don’t let them cry because of you,  take care of them, and honour them, because they mighty not, be around forever.

The most purest, selfless and unconditional form of love which will never change with season or time is MOTHERS LOVE.

My heartfelt respect and regards to all the lovely mothers.  Always love and cherish your own mother but respect all other Mother’s too.

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A mother is a strong emotion in itself. An emotion of love, kindness and strength. Not one day but every day, every moment of our lives, we owe much to our mothers.

When we are afraid, her lap feels the safest place. When we feel we are about to fall, her hand is always there to hold. When we cry, she has a strong shoulder to lean on and when we are full of joy, her smile adds more to our happiness.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya

A mother is like no other you will ever have in life. Love her, respect her and celebrate her. Be a good human, so you can make her proud of bringing a person who can become a light for others.

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Colonel Dombouya has really shown today the 1st of October that he is a leader. The junta commander during his swearing in ceremony at the Kings palace 5 today invited the two most precious personalities in his life: the wife and the mother. Not only did he invite her but also did the unexpected.

The investiture which took place among several dignitaries was colorful and glamorous. After taking the oath of office, the now interim president bowed before her mother to receive her blessings. God was in control.


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