Sunday Special Fufu Communion;People Call Us Occult, I Don’t Mind; pastor Ajagurajah Prepares Food For Members


Jesus Christ broke bread and wine for his disciples, Ajagurajah is using Fufu Communion for his congregation.

What made the last supper holy was neither the bread nor the wine that was shared. What made it exceptional was the deep love that prevailed on that table.

Jesus sat with His betrayer on the same table without calling down warring angels to dismember Judas. It wouldn’t have been an easy moment for Jesus. But Love prevailed in that dining room.

How many of our pentecostal brethren can sit next to their Judas without calling on the God of Elijah to consume them? The last supper is Christ’s most significant lecture on practical love, unity despite differences and peace despite provocation.

But today, we religionized the Holy Communion. We even make laws and regulations to determine who should participate or not. Just a reminder, Jesus allowed Judas to partake of the first Holy communion. It’s for everyone.

We reduced the Holy Communion to mere bread and wine. For your information, bread was only served in those days because it was their staple food. If you live in a country where Rice, Garri or Plantain is the staple food, please share what is food in your country and make sure everyone eats until they are filled.

The Holy communion was an evening Meal supper or dinner and not a little piece of bread which can’t even feed an insect.

Is it for these reasons above that’s why Bishop Kwabena Asiamah also known as Ajagurajah is preparing hot Fufu with meat for his congregation?.

The bishop in the video stated boldly “People say we are occults but I don’t mind. They say we operate with marine spirit, I still don’t mind.” Whiles Jesus broke bread with wine for his desciples, Ajagurajah is using Fufu this Sunday as Communion.

You can watch the video below

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