“Daddy-daughter Love” – Mr Ibu confesses to sle£ping with adopted daughter, Jasmine in le@ked audio


Mr Ibu has allegedly confessed to sleeping with Jasmine, his adopted daughter .

According to the leaked audio posted by Nigerian blogger, tosinsilverdam, Mr. Ibu claims to have stopped sleeping with Jasmine after he caught her having s£x with his son .


The actor is currently battling a life threatening disease which many have begun to link to this unfolding development of him sleeping with a lady he took as his child .

Mr Ibu and Jasmine were heard discussing the issue in Igbo language while in a vehicle.

Reports have also come out that the wife of Mr. Ibu has requested for a portion of his donations to use for Butt lifting surgery.

This allegation has however been denied by the wife of the actor .