Chioma come back; Davido Could Be Making a Big Mistake by Leaving Chioma


Davido is a play boy, that is not even up for a debate upped his unending baby mamas

However when Chioma came into the picture, the impression was that the “Assurance” was going to be a life time thing.

But the center can no longer hold and things seems to have gone worse between the iconic lovers after Chioma had his baby for Davido.

Their engagement, the glamour, the public appearance have all come to an abrupt end when Davido rather teamed with a Texas Instagram model Mya Yafai.

Recent back to back videos released by Chioma even after birth proves she’s still got it when it comes to that ever green beautiful look.

In June 2020, just when issues started brewing in the relationship, Davido took to his Snapchat to ask Chioma to come back and not leave him

The duo have been acting unconcern but these videos by Chioma has caused dozens of reaction as followers always call out Davido under the comment section creating the impression the two have to get back to how they used to be.

If not for anything but for the good memories they created in the minds of their followers

While at it, little have been seen of Davido and Mya Yafai the American model he was alleged to be going out with.

Sources say, Davido is keeping it cool to launch what would be yet another talking point come back with his “Assurance” Chioma

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