People are talking about the deplorable road that leads to Sir John’s hometown of his beautiful ultra-modern tomb


– Photos of road that leads to Sakora Wonoo, Sir John’s hometown pops up.

– Netizens reacts to how deplorable the road is.

The former NPP General Secretary who was also the CEO of forestry commission, Sir John was laid to rest on Wednesday, 2nd June 2021.

A day after his burial, Sir John’s funeral rites also followed at Sakora Wonoo, the hometown of the politician.

What got the attention of netizens during his burial was the beautiful house-made that went viral on social media which seems to had cost a huge sum of money.

However, some of the people who were able to attend the burial and funeral rites of Sir noticed how bad the road to the town was.

This called for comparison between the beautiful house-made tomb and the deplorable road of Sakora Wonoo by netizens.

It tells us our skin colour and the kind of people we are.” Reacted by a Facebook user.

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