Diamond Accused Of Being Evil.


One of the most celebrated musicians in Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz is accused of being evil shunning his close relative.

Diamond announced on his social media pages that he will be donating to Islamic faith in Tanzania on Friday today, in due of the Eid Mubarak celebration.

After his announcement of giving donations, netizens cautioned him to stop being hypocrite and help his father who he has abandoned.

Abdul Juma, the alleged father of Diamond Platnumz have been living a difficult life while his son is abundantly rich and help the needy.

However, Sandra Kassim, the mother of Diamond Platnumz came out some few months ago to debunk rumours that Abdul Jumah was not the singer’s biological father.

This is what caused all the accusations from netizens asking the Tanzanian singer to stop being hypocrite, as others even accused him of using the donation as an evil means to make the Eid Mubarak celebration about him.


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