Doumbouya orders the operation of Guinea train after the former regime of Alpha Conde shut down the sector for 9 months


History teaches us that a repetition of the same mistakes either committed by an individual will yield the same results, hence we must correct the wrongs, rectify what needs to be and repair what is broken to be able to move forward, as a nation.

George Orwell said “he who corrects the past, controls the future and he who controls the future corrects the past.” The time to make amends is now and progress must be achieved.

Following several months of disagreement between train operators and the Guinean Authority, the Conakry Express passenger train commuting between several districts carrying thousands of travellers has finally resume operations on the orders of the new interim President.

This is a reminder of how trains connect us and the relevance of their role in building a more faster transport sector. Major advantages of travelling by train is that the prices of tickets is cheaper compared to flights.

The train has been an initiative to ease the difficulties of transportation. Railways performance is best keeping in mind the vastness of it’s operations and the quality of it’s users.

One major advantage is changing in method of travelling routine towards airlines due to ease of affording to pay, availability and accessibility of trains.

Workers expressed satisfaction at the turn of events because for months they have being at home with nothing doing. Commuters were also glad and commended the new administration of Colonel Doumbouya for righting the wrongs.

 Under the deposed President Alpha Conde, for a period of nine solid months the trains were not operational and this really disturbed both workers and commuters.

The current directive given by the leader seems to indicate that he cares for the people and has made it a priority to ensure every sector under the ministries created works productively.

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