Drama as wife catches cheating husband cruising in town with his side chick


It was drama as it ended in tears for a side chick who is enjoying the best of time with someone’s husband in town only to be caught by the the man’s wife.

A video available on social media shows a gentleman was cruising in town with a lady which they may possibly be on their way to a cull conner to enjoy themselves.

Unfortunately for the man his heavy backside wife appeared from nowhere to his surprises, as if the woman was given a tip off, she went straight to her rival to drag her out of her husband’s car.

The man tried to intervene but his wife isn’t just ready for any nonsense and after some heated arguments, the bold woman was able to drag the side chick out of the car while commentators are busy recording the dramatic incident.

What is surprising about the video is that the side chick is way below the main chick when it comes to form leaving many wondering how the man could leave Jollof to take Gari soakings illegally.

Video below

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