Dwamena should consider quitting football – sports physician

A member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Medical Committee, Dr. Prince Pambo says Ghanaian footballer Raphael Dwamena should consider bringing an end to his footballing career.

This following the player’s most recent collapse on the field during an Austrian Cup game on Wednesday, October 27.

The medical practitioner shared what he’d do if he were to be the player’s doctor in an interview with JoySports: “I would hold talks with him and call a year or two off to investigate what the problem has been. I would be tilted towards wanting to prepare him very well for a beautiful retirement from sports.

“When some of these things happen, a bold decision has to be taken and I would be keen to prepare him to have a clean and a very good exit point.”

Adding to his earlier submission, Dr. Pambo explained he would also explore the opportunity of Dwamena helping the game on a global level with his experience.

“We can see how he can use the experience he has gathered from playing football to help the same industry – from a technical point or perhaps from an administrative point,” he continued.

The forward is reported to be in a stable condition after the incident, though there has not been any communication on what decision will be taken with regards to his career.


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