End time is here; Here’s the bodybuilder who is married to a doll because he can eat her anytime


Is this the future of relationships with the isolation rules and the way women and men treat each other. You go into relationships with fear there’s going to fleece you or you will be accused of something when you fall out of favour.  The world’s imploding and strange things are happening.?

Is this what the awful reality of the world is, where marriages are meant to have sexual pleasure? Now people are in need of emotions, standing for each other in every situation.

We have heard of marriage ceremonies between a man and a woman or a man and a fellow man. But have you witnessed a relationship between a man and a doll.?

Yuri Tolochko, the Russian bodybuilder who is in love has shocked the entire world, for publicly expressing his love for a plastic doll.

The story seems so bizarre and unreal but the love finder described how he met Margo, the plastic doll at a night club he had visited.

He got married to the doll in the month of November 2020 in an grand wedding which caused huge stir. Also the bodybuilder agreed on to marry Margo, his plastic doll in front of a dozen guests.

It was obvious that the Kazakh bodybuilder was very delighted because he fell in love with Margo, he said. So he was determined to spend the rest of his life with her. They spent up to 18 months jointly during their engagement.

He doesn’t shy away from the camera but also so pleased to have regularly published photos of himself with Margo on social media when they’re on holiday.

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