“Even Ghanaian women will choose Nigerian men to marry” – Hilda Baci says Nigerian men are the best


Guinness world record holder, Hilda Baci has stated during a podcast interview in the UK that even indigenous Ghanaian women will choose to marry Nigerian men over Ghanaian men.

During the interview, the conversation took a turn away from which country prepares the best Jollof to which country has the best men .


To deliver her answer, Hilda mentioned that when Nigerian men are placed alongside Ghanaian men, Ghanaian women would opt to marry men from Nigeria because they are best on the continent.

After a Ghanaian host tried to defend Ghanaian men , She intervened by saying that, it is common knowledge that most women in Ghana choose Ghanaian men because that is the option they have, but in reality they would marry a Nigerian man if they could .

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