Everton FC release protest schedule after 10 points deduction for breaching FIFA financial rules


Staunch supporters of the English club, Everton FC have announced their bid to protest against the English premier league after a 10 point deduction. 

The EPL is set to deduct 10 points from Everton’s league points due to breach of fifa fair play financial rules . 


This development has caused fans of the English side to label the decision of the EPL as a cOrrupt judgment. 

To vent out their disapproval, a protest schedule has been released by the fans of Everton FC . 

Protest will carried out at the premises of the Premiere league headquarters.

Banners would also be flown over Etihad stadium during Man City vs Liverpool to criticize the points deduction decision. 

On Sunday, there would be booing by the home crowd during the fair play handshake between Everton vs Manchester United.