Father’s Day: Michael Blackson Reveals He Only Saw His Father once and felt he didn’t care about them while growing up


Ghanaian American comedian Michael Blackson has opened up on who his father was and how things were between him and his late father growing up.

The hilarious comedian said, he is sharing something about his father for the first time on social media.

He announced that he does not know what the issue was between his mother and his late father but he only remembered seeing him once when he was age 9 there about.

He didn’t see him again and didn’t care because he felt his father didn’t care about them either.

When he died in 2008, it was not a bother to him but after sometime he found out that his father died of heart break for not seeing his children which includes him Michael Blackson and his other sibling.

He took time to wish him peaceful rest and a happy Father’s Day.

This has opened up conversations about fathers of which many are blamed for not being there for the kids but sometimes the real stories behind they staying away are not told by mothers.

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