Ghanaian artistes urged to use resources available when making music to avoid song theft claims

Songwriter, Isaac Quarcoo, known popularly as Travelz, has advised Ghanaian musicians to use every resource available to them to aid in the production of quality music.

According to him, employing diverse means when creating new works can help artistes avoid song theft claims among others especially at a time when resources to produce quality music abound.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Mr Quarcoo said that not every artiste can write songs, make beats, record songs or even play any instrument.

“Our people must understand that not everyone can do everything, so it’s not a bad thing to employ the services of someone who can help you do a successful job. It baffles me that our past legends believed in some of these principles than the young people of today.”

The songwriter added that “I cannot tell if it is shyness or ego, but having a writer or a ghostwriter as it’s called, is not a big deal.”

Mr Quarcoo stated that the news of song theft in Ghana is gradually becoming normal adding that that is not a good sign for the industry.

This comes after some musicians in the past year have been accused of song theft. Kuami Eugene, Mr Drew and a few others took over headlines after they were accused of song theft.

Mr Quarcoo believes that some artistes only have a voice whereas others know how to play many instruments and sing as well.

Thus, there is nothing wrong when an artiste employs the services of other people or use any available resource to ensure they do a good job.

He revealed that some ‘A’ list music acts have ghostwriters but are doing extremely well and urged other musicians to emulate the same.

“Akwaboah and some of these other guys have written several songs for Sarkodie and some other top artistes in the country but that has never reduced their pedigree or appeal,” Mr Quarcoo added.

The songwriter explained that once fans and music lovers enjoy an artistes songs, it boosts the image of the musician and goes a long way to aid in pushing their brands.

Mr. Quarcoo was however quick to express his admiration for and belief in Ghanaian artistes saying they are one of the most talented groups on the African continent.

This, he explained, is due to the fact that the country’s artists are able to easily adapt and adjust to any genre in the world, saying Ghanaian artistes are able to try new genres of music and with time, master and own them as if it is theirs.

“Our major hindrance may be not buying into the idea of songwriters or excessive sampling of old songs, mostly illegally. Our artists are one of the most talented groups of creatives on the continent because they can jump unto any genre and make a big sound out of it.”

“If they can embrace the songwriting culture and take it easy on excessive sampling which gives them a lazy outlook, I think it will move our industry many steps ahead”, he added.

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