Ghanaians drag vlogger Wode Maya for projecting Mcdan’s salt mining company in Ada


Ghanaian vlogger, Wode Maya has come under attack as many Ghanaians are not so pleased with his latest post on YouTube where he projected businessman, McDan as the owner of the salt company in Ada.

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Wode Maya went to Mcdan’s salt mining company in Ada in Ghana and interviewed the business morgul on how he established the biggest salt mining company in Africa and the challenges he went through.

A lot of Ghanaians who watched the interview are not pleased with it as many have argued that the site where the salt is mined existed way before even McDan himself was born so they feel it is not right for the business morgul to claim it as his, most especially, since he used his connections in the government to own the place.

Most of the comments also suggested that the vlogger take the video down or face the consequencenof losing followers and ratings because, according to them he has put out a “false information.”

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Someone wrote, ” Bro pls delete this video before Ghanaians descend heavily on you. Pls don’t involve yourself with this man oooo hmmm pls for your own good stay away from this hooligan!!”

Another person also commented, “My grandma who’s 95 years of age and still alive , used to work here to pay school fees for her children. One of them is my Mum. How old is Mcdan”

Another comment was, “Wodemaya we really appreciate your work but very disappointed in this particular story. That lagoon was there before his great great grandfathers were born. There’re more to this story which you don’t know. Please protect your brand 🙏🏽

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Someone boldly called the story from the interview a lie and said Mcdan is not even a millionaire. The person wrote, “Wodemaya this is a lie. He stole that salt mine from my people by leveraging his connections in government. He is not a billionaire. The day of reckoning will soon be here.”

Another person called Wode Maya a naive vlogger. His comment was, “This Wodemaya dude is a ‘naive’ vlogger who is a ‘waste’ of talent as an aerospace engineer vlogging about ev!l people all in the name of promoting Ghanaian business. There is no denying the fact that I admire what he does, however you don’t give credence to ‘perilous’ and ‘heartless’ souls. This is what happens when you sold your soul to the dev*l.”

Watch the interview below.

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