Godsway writes – Why Shatta Wale’s Recent trends is a prove he doesn’t ride on Social media controversies to stay relevant as perceive by many


On April 25, this year Shatta Wale shock the music world with a simple message via his social Media handle “I Will Be Back”. That subsequently is a confirmation to his temporal break from any form of Social media activity.

Before that there has always been claims by rival fans and some industry critics that the artist has built a brand for himself that puts him in the news through a tactical use of controversial posts and live videos on social media but that’s actually looking like a misconception now.

No doubt Shatta Wale’s attempt to exhibit his realness made him few of the musicians in the entire African Continent to pour out some unpleasant words that grabbed major headlines.

Admittedly, He is also one of the smartest guys out there who finds every possible means to promote his projects but the big question here is Is that enough justification to attribute his consistence relevance to controversial social media engagements?

Interestingly, The multiple award winning Dancehall musician’s name has on several occasions pop up in the top 5 Trending topics in Ghana mostly being trending no. 1 even when he is no longer found on any media platform.

Push some other artists out of social media and watch Ghanaians forget the name at a faster pace, Truth is it’s going to take something extraordinary for some big names out there to be mentioned during any form of discussion in their absence on a major platform.

Thus may just be a confirmation that the Shatta Movement Boss is so powerful, loved, adored by many and does not need any controversies on Social media to grab headlines or stay relevant in the music scene since he has been able to achieve that without activating any of his social media accounts just yet.

By: Godsway Charles Tudi

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