“I am sincerely sorry for what I did” – Bully in the Viral Lead British School Video finally apologizes to Nigerians


The bully in the viral video where she was seen slapping another student continuously at Lead British School in Nigeria has finally apologized to the student she bullied and Nigerians.

The viral video sparked angry reactions and many people condemned her actions and wondered how the school authorities entertained such uncouth behaviour in such a high class school.


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In her apology video, she had a hijab on and said her apology remorsefully. She said, “My name is Maryam Hassan and I’m sincerely sorry for what I did to Namitra Bwala. I’m also apologising to all you people out there. I’m sincerely sorry and I wish this never happened.”

See her apology video below.

In the viral bully video, Maryam was seen standing in one of the classrooms in the school with a couple of students and Namitra was standing in front of her as she questioned her on why she took something of hers.

She slapped her multiple times as she asked Namseera questions and Namseera just stood there helpless. In another scene, Namseera was seated and Maryam stood in front of her and continued slapping her on both cheeks.

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According to news reports, the video caught the attention of Nigerian authorities drew and the Federal Government made the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenyeo pay the school a visit. During her visit, the school administrator announced that the school would be shut down for three days.

See the viral video below.

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