I Carried Corpse Just to Make a Living-Kofi Jamar


-Kofi Jamar is one of the most promising Talent From Ghana

-From the street of Bantama in Kumasi, Jamar has given a clue of how life was before fame.

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-Jamar said he was a pallbearer and did other jobs like security just to support himself.

Kofi Jamar has shared what life was while he was in Kumasi.

Speaking on Okay Fm in Accra, The “Ekorso” hitmaker gave details of some of the jobs he found himself doing while growing up in Kumasi.

Kofi Jamar said after secondary school, he decided to leave home and hustle for his own life and ended up becoming an undertaker.

He was doing other jobs like a security guard at hotels and banks just to be able to raise money for his studio session.

The rapper said he is saying all this to motivate those back home in Kumasi about his struggle so whoever is going through that does not give up on his dreams.


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